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What you’ll get from Total Plant Body (in 1 minute or less).

Gail & Shelly's mission is to show you how to get your BEST thriving body and lifestyle for you and your family in the safest and fastest way possible.

How is this site any different than other holistic plant-based sites? Rather than pounding you with super complicated and long workout videos and difficult diets, Gail & Shelly will instead teach you how to achieve your goals by optimizing your lifestyle in a simply, yet effective way. 

You’ll learn....

  • The power of a plant-based, vegan lifestyle,
  • How to live in a thriving body all year long,
  • How to have a fat burning body,
  • Bringing together families and communities, 
  • How to have optimal digestion and sleep health
  • How to have a strong mindset, 
  • How to maximize your energy and enhance every possible aspect of you body and lifestyle in a fun, loving way.

In other words, Gail & Shelly will teach you how to become a thriving person as fast as possible, as safely as possible.

You’ll also get access to free weekly, highly educational videos about healthy travel, fitness, and delicious plant-based, vegan recipes, and lots of free bonuses along the way.

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