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How to Avoid my Pregnancy Mistakes| NATURAL CHILDBIRTH


Everything I did WRONG during my first two pregnancies (and how you can avoid making the same mistakes...)  

I discuss with you guys my own experiences where I gained a lot more weight with my first two boys compared to when I transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle with my last two pregnancies that completely changed the outcome of how I felt, how my babies were so much easy going and how I was able to have natural births with no meds.

There is so much confusion about what a pregnant woman can, and can't do, during pregnancy...and I want to help simplify it for you.

Below is a picture of me with my first baby boy 6 years ago.  He was born 6 weeks before my wedding day.  I felt so inflammed, so much lose skin in my stomach, swelling in my legs, super tired, yucky digestion and pretty much was not happy with my self even though I felt so very blessed to have this precious baby boy in my arms.  I didn't know how I would pull myself together for my wedding...

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2 Week Postpartum Workout | Vegan Mom

Are you anxious to get back into shape after having your baby or just ready to get toned up?  After  having my 4th baby, as a vegan mom, I couldn't wait to get back toning up my body.  Prior to getting pregnant with Chel,  I was competing in my first two bikini fitness competitions, winning first place in my class.  I did all my training, at home, with my three young boys with no weights.  I was able to keep my body in great shape, thanks to living a super awesome vegan lifestyle.  

Prior to living a vegan lifestyle, 5 years ago, I was experiencing digestion issues, could not fall asleep easily, was inflamed, had a hard time concentrating, couldn't loose that extra 10 pounds no matter what I did, I felt like I needed to take a nap every time I ate eggs, meat, or grains, and I felt like my family kept getting some kind of flu.  

Now, I have went through 2 vegan pregnancies and do not experience any of the following above....

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4 Week Postpartum | Full Body Workout

Baby Chel has joined our family only 4 short weeks ago.  Since 2 weeks old she has been enjoying doing workouts with me. Since we have moved to Hilo, Hawaii, we do not have a gym to go to so I have been exercising with my three boys and baby Chel.  I'm the "no excuses" kind of mom.  Any obstacle that comes my way, I will find a way to make it better or work around it.  This is me getting toned up while playing with my kids.  


Do you find yourself struggling to figure out where to start with getting toned up and feeling healthy? Join me for this short 15 minute workout. If you'd like to take it up a notch, click here to download my free one day Total Plant Mom Meal Plan of what I typical eat in day to keep healthy, strong, energized, and happy.

Comment below if you are going to join me for some fun play and toning up our bods!

 Let's do this together! 


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