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Battle with Sepsis...It can happen to Anyone

It's Monday, Jan 29th, 2018 and I am so grateful to be on the TRAIL to RECOVERY.  The last two weeks have felt like a battle with the DOOR of DEATH.   On this fifth day out of the hospital I felt compelled to share my story to give FAITH, HOPE, and GRACE to others that are suffering and to prevent so many from suffering.  In times of trouble we pull inside ourselves to a place no one else can go and through Faith God is there to guide us and heal us.  We can prepare ourselves by hearing the Word of God and seeing miracles and victories he has done. 

We can also prepare our body and mind with a lifestyle of self-care.  Taking care of our bodies by making healthy choices everyday from the food we eat, getting plenty of rest, reducing stress, exercising, and challenging our mind to grow and learn everyday will put us in the best position to survive and thrive.  

I thank God, my family, friends, the doctors, nurses, and the choices I made...

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