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Smart Ways to Help your Children have a New Year’s Resolution

Parenting welcomes you with loads of challenges, but it becomes more fun when you assist your children in discovering new things and new plans. As the New Year has arrived, it is still not too late to help them make a New Year resolution plan. Well! Here are some of the great tips to implement while you sit down with your kids to make resolution making more happening and thrilling.

Be a role model

Children learn what you teach them and what you show them so be very cautious what are you making them become. Robin Goodman, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and art therapist who has written books on children and stress says "You have to walk the walk and talk the talk to be most effective." Be resolution models for your children by discussing your matters in front of them and make them see how you solve them with wisdom and affection. Sit down with your children and make them write achievable goals which are realistic to attain.

Do the doing
If you want your kids to get punctual this year,...

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