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Plant Food Vs Processed Food


Are you left feeling confused and overwhelmed with what is healthy to buy at the store? The term ‘food’ has changed greatly in the last years! People have survived eating what we call organic, whole foods. Now organic whole foods are considered a luxury indicating just how far away from nature we’ve come. As food was taken from the hands of the farmers to processing plants, we began a new era of food products, which our ancestors would not recognize.

The hidden ingredients that make food more appealing to our tastebuds are added to a large percentage of all heavily processed foods. The 3 main ingredients, fat, sugar, and salt, are known to excite our taste buds and make us want more

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Dangers of Drinking Just a Single Soda

inflammation toxins Aug 27, 2017

Are you experiencing headaches, fatigue, dizziness, weight gain, ADHD, or lack of sleep? This blog post will shed some light on the food industry's tricks that you'll want to watch out for... so-called "health foods" that are anything BUT healthy!

If you consume soda or know anyone who does, then pay close attention below.

For years, Big Soda companies have been handing out millions of dollars in an attempt to prove that their drinks are NOT the cause of obesity. New York Times recently exposed one Big Soda company that paid $1.5 million to fund their own research group. The goal was to convince the public that drinking soda is safe. (NYT, August 9, 2015).

Below are THREE OTHER DANGEROUS FOODS that are being marketed as "health foods."

These foods may be harming you from the inside, and they could be the reason why you are not losing weight, no matter what you have tried.

One of these foods even contains an ingredient that is actually banned in almost every first world country....

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Our Plant-Based Story | How to Overcome Health Issues

See it to believe it!  Although you can read study after study showing the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, sometimes the most persuasive argument is a changed life.  Imagine excess fat dropping off, looking younger and younger, and having boundless energy and no hormone symptoms...

We have opened registration for our Super Plant-Powered Leap 30 Day Program.  We offer this so that plant-based health-seekers, people like you, can find an easy, common-sense way to transition to a plant-based lifestyle.  Avoid the confusion, struggles, or pitfalls that could slow you down.  Discover how fun and easy making the switch can be!>

But FIRST, we wanted to share the story of how switching to a plant-based lifestyle helped us....

Hear how Shelly overcame allergies, digestive issues, and extreme fatigue (including mono).  Watch and listen as she radiantly shares how a plant-based pregnancy is a way to go!

Gail will share how she no longer struggles with...

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Super Plant-Powered Leap | 30 Day Program

Do you get dressed in the closet to avoid being seen or looking in the mirror? Unwanted fat can weigh us down physically and emotionally.

Lose unwanted fat & enjoy more energy in only 30 days!

Discover how easy and Delicious Plant-based Eating can be...
• Lose inflammation, bloating, pain and stiffness
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• Includes 90 plant-based meals, Easy exercises you can do anywhere &
Powerful Healing mediations & MORE
Bonus: Learn Simple Affordable Healing With Essential Oils

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Super Blessings,

Gail & Shelly

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Are These Inflammation Producing Foods Holding You Back?

inflammation May 17, 2017

When inflammation occurs in our body, there are chemicals from our body's white blood cells that are released into the blood or affected tissues to protect your body from foreign substances. ... Some of the chemicals cause a leak of fluid into the tissues, resulting in swelling. When this protective process occurs, it may stimulate nerves and cause pain.

There has been many research, according to, that has shown how a significant contributor to chronic inflammation comes from what we eat. Many of the following inflammatory foods that we are about to expose may have a place in your diet. When you are constantly eating some or all of these daily, you're constantly turning on your body's alarm system. When your immune system alarm is never disarmed, over time, this inflammatory response has been found to cause weight gain, drowsiness, skin problems, digestive issues, and a lot of diseases, from diabetes to obesity, and even cancer.

Inflammation producing foods to stay...

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