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Chocolate Coconut Holiday Pudding | How to Overcome Negative Reactions to Vegan Lifestyle

People’s negative reactions to our plant-based food and lifestyle choices have never bothered us. Maybe it’s because we've learned to not let others get us down about what food we put in our beautiful bodies.

We have helped our family and many people transition to eating a healthy plant-based vegan lifestyle, so we know full well that other people’s opinions can be a big issue when making the switch. We think this is why it has been such a struggle for many we know first hand it was for us many years ago.

Anytime we start or stop a habit, whether it’s changing our diet, quitting drinking or smoking, or starting an exercise routine, there are two factors that we must face... The first is the ACT of changing the habit (about YOU). The second is EMOTIONS caused by people's reaction to you changing the habit (about THEM). Let's now look at the ACT of change. These are the adjustments that

The first is the ACT of changing the habit (about YOU). The...

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