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What to Expect Going Vegan | Our Experience | Vegan Pregnancy

Are you desiring to eat vegan, but scared of embarking upon a new heath journey? Each person struggles with different issues when they first start going vegan-- here are the top most common concerns and worries that we hear from people when going vegan and we've provided you with easy solutions on how to overcome them!

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Love Your Total Plant Body,

Gail & Shelly

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Say Goodbye to Toxins | Best Water Filter

Toxins like microbes, pesticides, plastics, prescription meds, metals, chlorine, fluoride and others are poisoning our water supply that have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, and more. We know with having three boys and a baby girl on the way, we want to provide the best possible environment for our children to thrive in.  Aqua Tru water filter has let us put our minds at ease when it comes to providing pure, clean water for our home.  We have seen how much this pure, alkaline water has made a big impact on our health, so we felt we should share this information with you so you can make the best choice for your family.

We can't trust our tap water and bottle water to keep us clean. It is up to us to choose the best filtration methods for our family.  

We love how AquaTru is extremely efficient so you don’t get the water waste like with other RO systems. Also, you are not trucking water all over for delivery, nor are you using up single-use water...

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Tanya's Plant-Based Testimony

family healthy kids Sep 24, 2017

What an amazing plant-based inspiration story of one of our Leaper's Tanya who went through our Super Plant-Powered Leap 30 Day Program. She has a 3-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl who now enjoy eating plant-based meals with her and her husband.  Her family feels and looks so much healthier and happier.  

This a great inspiring video for you to see how anyone can start at any age eating more plant-based meals.  This is our chance to change generations to come.

Love your total plant body,

Gail & Shelly

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Plant Food Vs Processed Food


Are you left feeling confused and overwhelmed with what is healthy to buy at the store? The term ‘food’ has changed greatly in the last years! People have survived eating what we call organic, whole foods. Now organic whole foods are considered a luxury indicating just how far away from nature we’ve come. As food was taken from the hands of the farmers to processing plants, we began a new era of food products, which our ancestors would not recognize.

The hidden ingredients that make food more appealing to our tastebuds are added to a large percentage of all heavily processed foods. The 3 main ingredients, fat, sugar, and salt, are known to excite our taste buds and make us want more

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Our Plant-Based Story | How to Overcome Health Issues

See it to believe it!  Although you can read study after study showing the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, sometimes the most persuasive argument is a changed life.  Imagine excess fat dropping off, looking younger and younger, and having boundless energy and no hormone symptoms...

We have opened registration for our Super Plant-Powered Leap 30 Day Program.  We offer this so that plant-based health-seekers, people like you, can find an easy, common-sense way to transition to a plant-based lifestyle.  Avoid the confusion, struggles, or pitfalls that could slow you down.  Discover how fun and easy making the switch can be!>

But FIRST, we wanted to share the story of how switching to a plant-based lifestyle helped us....

Hear how Shelly overcame allergies, digestive issues, and extreme fatigue (including mono).  Watch and listen as she radiantly shares how a plant-based pregnancy is a way to go!

Gail will share how she no longer struggles with...

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Super Plant-Powered Leap | 30 Day Program

Do you get dressed in the closet to avoid being seen or looking in the mirror? Unwanted fat can weigh us down physically and emotionally.

Lose unwanted fat & enjoy more energy in only 30 days!

Discover how easy and Delicious Plant-based Eating can be...
• Lose inflammation, bloating, pain and stiffness
• Learn how to make easy and delicious plant-based recipes
• Great for the whole family
• Encouragement, Support, and Accountability
• Includes 90 plant-based meals, Easy exercises you can do anywhere &
Powerful Healing mediations & MORE
Bonus: Learn Simple Affordable Healing With Essential Oils

Click below to receive Conquer Cravings Check List and Learn More About Super Plant-Powered Leap 30 Day Program

Super Blessings,

Gail & Shelly

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Benefits of Exercising as a Family

In the current era of Facebook and Instagram, families are breaking apart. You can see a family on a night out in a fancy restaurant engrossed in cellular devices. It was the same for the previous generation when TV became a household necessity. Exercising together as a family has a lot of anti-technology boosting agents which help your family in many ways.

Some of our favorite benefits of exercising as a family include:

Lifelong habits
You can see many young people now having diseases that are meant for old age only. This is mainly because of lack of physical activity throughout their adolescence. Exercising as a family gives your children and yourself a habit. The habit of being involved in regular physical activity that goes a long way in there and your life.

Family time is just either eating out or watching a movie. Majority of these activities mean you are engrossed in the objective without bonding with each other. Exercising as a family means you not only have fun...

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