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2 Week Postpartum Workout | Vegan Mom

Are you anxious to get back into shape after having your baby or just ready to get toned up?  After  having my 4th baby, as a vegan mom, I couldn't wait to get back toning up my body.  Prior to getting pregnant with Chel,  I was competing in my first two bikini fitness competitions, winning first place in my class.  I did all my training, at home, with my three young boys with no weights.  I was able to keep my body in great shape, thanks to living a super awesome vegan lifestyle.  

Prior to living a vegan lifestyle, 5 years ago, I was experiencing digestion issues, could not fall asleep easily, was inflamed, had a hard time concentrating, couldn't loose that extra 10 pounds no matter what I did, I felt like I needed to take a nap every time I ate eggs, meat, or grains, and I felt like my family kept getting some kind of flu.  

Now, I have went through 2 vegan pregnancies and do not experience any of the following above....

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