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Quick Tone It Up Workout | Vegan Pregnancy, 9 Months

 Whether you are looking to shape up your bump or tone up your body, these exercises will help strengthen and tone up your legs, arms and whole body during trimester 1, 2 or 3 to stay in great shape, during your pregnancy or everyday life if your not pregnant. Low impact, safe moves that can be done anywhere, even with your kiddos by your side.

We have chosen our coconuts that we absolutely love to drink for natural electroylte fuel before, during, and after our workouts to use as weights. You can easily pick up some weights or even grab some water jugs to use as weights for this exercise. No travelling to a gym and no excuses! Press play and let’s get started on shaping up your body!! 

Love Your Total Plant Body,

Gail & Shelly

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Big Island Hawaii Long Run

Aloha!  If your looking to get some fitness in while on the Big Island a run up and down Government Main Road is a great choice! Come along with me in this video for a long run starting out and back from the World Botanical Gardens. You'll see both views of the ocean on one side and snow covered Mauna Kea Mountain on the other.  Outrageous views!  I covered over 6 miles but you could go further out to make it even longer.  Did this one in late December 2017 and weather was pristine, sunny and mid 70"s.  I parked at the Garden parking lot and totally enjoyed a cool down stroll through the gorgeous gardens. Truly a beautiful experience being among nature breathing in the harmony of the plants, ocean, sun  and snow covered mountain.   

Love Your Total Plant Body,


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Quick Workout with Coconuts | Vegan Pregnancy

There are no excuses to get in a workout even if you don't have a gym and have little kids home with you or if you are pregnant. Grab some coconuts, water bottles or something heavy lying around your house.

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Enjoy our super fun coconut exercise video! Comment below with your favorite weights to use  (doesn't actually have to be weights).

Love your total plant body,

Gail & Shelly

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Benefits of Exercising as a Family

In the current era of Facebook and Instagram, families are breaking apart. You can see a family on a night out in a fancy restaurant engrossed in cellular devices. It was the same for the previous generation when TV became a household necessity. Exercising together as a family has a lot of anti-technology boosting agents which help your family in many ways.

Some of our favorite benefits of exercising as a family include:

Lifelong habits
You can see many young people now having diseases that are meant for old age only. This is mainly because of lack of physical activity throughout their adolescence. Exercising as a family gives your children and yourself a habit. The habit of being involved in regular physical activity that goes a long way in there and your life.

Family time is just either eating out or watching a movie. Majority of these activities mean you are engrossed in the objective without bonding with each other. Exercising as a family means you not only have fun...

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