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Chocolate Coconut Holiday Pudding | How to Overcome Negative Reactions to Vegan Lifestyle

People’s negative reactions to our plant-based food and lifestyle choices have never bothered us. Maybe it’s because we've learned to not let others get us down about what food we put in our beautiful bodies.

We have helped our family and many people transition to eating a healthy plant-based vegan lifestyle, so we know full well that other people’s opinions can be a big issue when making the switch. We think this is why it has been such a struggle for many we know first hand it was for us many years ago.

Anytime we start or stop a habit, whether it’s changing our diet, quitting drinking or smoking, or starting an exercise routine, there are two factors that we must face... The first is the ACT of changing the habit (about YOU). The second is EMOTIONS caused by people's reaction to you changing the habit (about THEM). Let's now look at the ACT of change. These are the adjustments that

The first is the ACT of changing the habit (about YOU). The...

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What Sweetener is the Healthiest? Agave, Honey, or Coconut Sugar?

In just about every snack, dessert, and beverage there is a sweetener added to make the food taste appealing.  Most of these food items contain too much-added sweeteners. 

We all need some sugars for fuel our bodies, however, it’s a good idea to know which one is the healthiest to consume.

Knowing how each sweetener is processed is a big help to maintaining a strong, healthy body.

Agave has been labeled as a healthy alternative to most processed sweeteners.  It’s a natural sweetener with a low-glycemic index, so a lot of people thought it was the best option.
When you take a look at how agave is made, you will see how it is not the best option to be consuming. Native Mexicans once made it by boiling its sap, but now it is manufactured in factories. It is heated up so high and broken down, which looses its enzymes it needs to break down and absorb the sweetener.  What is left is nutritionally insignificant and quickly turned to fat.


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The Differences in Sea Salt vs Table Salt

alternative cravings Aug 19, 2017

Salt is an item that is in most of our food.   It is on every restaurant table and in every kitchen cupboard. Yet it has always been valued. It adds flavors to our food and preserves it. 

What is Sea Salt?
Sea salt comes from an existing body of sea water. It is created by using the sun to evaporate liquid or by using a faster vacuum process.  It can be refined or unrefined.

Refined sea salt is washed, therefore taking away trace minerals and leaving it the same as table salt.

Unrefined sea salt retains trace minerals that includes more health benefits.

What is Table Salt?
Table salt comes from deposits of salt that were from bodies of sea water that once existed, but do not exist anymore. After the salt is mined, it is dissolved in water to wash it. It is then evaporated using a vacuum so that there are crystals that form.

All trace minerals and sediments are removed, and it is treated with substances that keep it from caking.  Potassium iodide is sometimes added....

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Our Plant-Based Story | How to Overcome Health Issues

See it to believe it!  Although you can read study after study showing the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, sometimes the most persuasive argument is a changed life.  Imagine excess fat dropping off, looking younger and younger, and having boundless energy and no hormone symptoms...

We have opened registration for our Super Plant-Powered Leap 30 Day Program.  We offer this so that plant-based health-seekers, people like you, can find an easy, common-sense way to transition to a plant-based lifestyle.  Avoid the confusion, struggles, or pitfalls that could slow you down.  Discover how fun and easy making the switch can be!>

But FIRST, we wanted to share the story of how switching to a plant-based lifestyle helped us....

Hear how Shelly overcame allergies, digestive issues, and extreme fatigue (including mono).  Watch and listen as she radiantly shares how a plant-based pregnancy is a way to go!

Gail will share how she no longer struggles with...

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Super Plant-Powered Leap | 30 Day Program

Do you get dressed in the closet to avoid being seen or looking in the mirror? Unwanted fat can weigh us down physically and emotionally.

Lose unwanted fat & enjoy more energy in only 30 days!

Discover how easy and Delicious Plant-based Eating can be...
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• Includes 90 plant-based meals, Easy exercises you can do anywhere &
Powerful Healing mediations & MORE
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Top 4 Reasons Your Body Needs Greens | New Plant Based Program

cravings greens May 05, 2017

Learn how you can finally conquer your cravings so you can have better sleep, energy, mood, hormones and so much more.  We have found just how crucial it is to get at least 1-heads of GREENS per day.  We also add spirulina powder, barley powder, chlorella, wheat grass or moringa powder to our smoothies. ClICK HERE to get the best discounts on your greens powders.

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