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Is This Bothering You? | FREE Meal Plan

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2018

Do you have your New Year’s resolutions and goals fresh in our minds?  Are you doing all you can to reach them? Are you placing unnecessary pressure to achieve them by creating stress and overeating on foods that may not be so healthy? 

Are you raising your hand high and saying "yes that's me"?  Instead of indulging on chips, cookies, and other processed food, lets fill ourselves with food that actually address what’s really bothering us and figure out how we can fix it.

So how do we figure out the reasons as to why we’re reaching for the cookies over oranges? It’s not just you, many people experience this.

Our bodies have been trained to look toward sugary sweets as a comfort food when we are stressed, since they make us feel more comfortable than feeling the stress within us?

Next time you catch yourself reaching for the second or third sweet treat, stop, and grab a piece of your favorite sweet fruit or make some fresh orange juice or...

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Quick Tone It Up Workout | Vegan Pregnancy, 9 Months

 Whether you are looking to shape up your bump or tone up your body, these exercises will help strengthen and tone up your legs, arms and whole body during trimester 1, 2 or 3 to stay in great shape, during your pregnancy or everyday life if your not pregnant. Low impact, safe moves that can be done anywhere, even with your kiddos by your side.

We have chosen our coconuts that we absolutely love to drink for natural electroylte fuel before, during, and after our workouts to use as weights. You can easily pick up some weights or even grab some water jugs to use as weights for this exercise. No travelling to a gym and no excuses! Press play and let’s get started on shaping up your body!! 

Love Your Total Plant Body,

Gail & Shelly

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Big Island Hawaii Long Run

Aloha!  If your looking to get some fitness in while on the Big Island a run up and down Government Main Road is a great choice! Come along with me in this video for a long run starting out and back from the World Botanical Gardens. You'll see both views of the ocean on one side and snow covered Mauna Kea Mountain on the other.  Outrageous views!  I covered over 6 miles but you could go further out to make it even longer.  Did this one in late December 2017 and weather was pristine, sunny and mid 70"s.  I parked at the Garden parking lot and totally enjoyed a cool down stroll through the gorgeous gardens. Truly a beautiful experience being among nature breathing in the harmony of the plants, ocean, sun  and snow covered mountain.   

Love Your Total Plant Body,


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Love On Your Greens | Christmas Chocolate Ice Cream

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2017

We get common concern questions asked to us from people starting off eating more fruit about how fruit makes their stomach hurt, what do I do?  We used to feel the same way about 5 years ago when we started this plant-based, vegan journey of consuming large quanitities of fruit.  However, we discovered what helped us so we would'nt be in fear of pain, was to consume greens before eating fruit or put greens together with fruit. Such as, a smoothie with greens or green powder or fruit salad with greens.

In the walls of the intestines could be a host for candida, parasites and other toxins from our daily environement, chemicals, and processed/fast foods. Until the body can cleanse itself of these toxins from cellular detox cleanses, the stomach is basically out of wack.  Fast digestion food, such as fruits tends to get caught up allowing the fruit to ferment, which releases gas out of the body.  What we have found the best thing to do is to "cleanse house" in our...

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What to Expect Going Vegan | Our Experience | Vegan Pregnancy

Are you desiring to eat vegan, but scared of embarking upon a new heath journey? Each person struggles with different issues when they first start going vegan-- here are the top most common concerns and worries that we hear from people when going vegan and we've provided you with easy solutions on how to overcome them!

Ready to go Vegan, but need yummy, simple, delicious recipes to make? Click Here to Get our New Plant-Based Recipe Ebook FREE Limited Time!

Love Your Total Plant Body,

Gail & Shelly

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Say Goodbye to Toxins | Best Water Filter

Toxins like microbes, pesticides, plastics, prescription meds, metals, chlorine, fluoride and others are poisoning our water supply that have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, and more. We know with having three boys and a baby girl on the way, we want to provide the best possible environment for our children to thrive in.  Aqua Tru water filter has let us put our minds at ease when it comes to providing pure, clean water for our home.  We have seen how much this pure, alkaline water has made a big impact on our health, so we felt we should share this information with you so you can make the best choice for your family.

We can't trust our tap water and bottle water to keep us clean. It is up to us to choose the best filtration methods for our family.  

We love how AquaTru is extremely efficient so you don’t get the water waste like with other RO systems. Also, you are not trucking water all over for delivery, nor are you using up single-use water...

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How to Set Up a Tower Garden | Step by Step Assembly

plant food Nov 01, 2017

Tower Gardening can benefit you and your family in so many ways. You can eat your own greens straight from your tower even if you have just a little space. We hope you enjoyed our tower set up!

When you grow your own, you can have produce the way nature intended — fresh, flavorful, nutritious and picked at the peak of ripeness.

Click Here to learn more about tower gardening and purchase your tower garden. 

Love Your Total Plant Body,

Gail & Shelly



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Quick Workout with Coconuts | Vegan Pregnancy

There are no excuses to get in a workout even if you don't have a gym and have little kids home with you or if you are pregnant. Grab some coconuts, water bottles or something heavy lying around your house.

Want Shelly's secret recipes to keeping her body in tip-top shape during her 4th pregnancy at 7 months along and 2nd vegan, plant-based pregnancy??....

Click Here to Get our New Plant-Based Recipe Ebook

Enjoy our super fun coconut exercise video! Comment below with your favorite weights to use  (doesn't actually have to be weights).

Love your total plant body,

Gail & Shelly

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Chocolate Coconut Holiday Pudding | How to Overcome Negative Reactions to Vegan Lifestyle

People’s negative reactions to our plant-based food and lifestyle choices have never bothered us. Maybe it’s because we've learned to not let others get us down about what food we put in our beautiful bodies.

We have helped our family and many people transition to eating a healthy plant-based vegan lifestyle, so we know full well that other people’s opinions can be a big issue when making the switch. We think this is why it has been such a struggle for many we know first hand it was for us many years ago.

Anytime we start or stop a habit, whether it’s changing our diet, quitting drinking or smoking, or starting an exercise routine, there are two factors that we must face... The first is the ACT of changing the habit (about YOU). The second is EMOTIONS caused by people's reaction to you changing the habit (about THEM). Let's now look at the ACT of change. These are the adjustments that

The first is the ACT of changing the habit (about YOU). The...

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How to Have Fun Family Fitness in Nature

family fitness Sep 29, 2017

Family Fitness with Kangoo jumps and soccer has been a fun way to get my boys involved in being active, sharing together, and for me to also get in an awesome workout  Even though I am 6 and half months pregnant, I still make it a priority to do some type of fun movement  exercises with my family.  If you do not have Kangoo jumps, you can simply do jumping jacks, squats, running in place, high knees, butt kickers, etc.  

 By getting your whole family involved in being active at such a young age, you are being a role model to show them how moving their body can be so fun.  It doesn't matter what fun physical activity you do with your family, just as long as you find time to do something of movement together.  

Nowadays kids inside playing too many games on their phone, iPad, and computers or watching too much TV with very little movement and sunshine.  Set an example now to show your family how it truly is to live a total plant body...

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