Aloha Family Health was created by a passion to inspire families that HEALING IS POSSIBLE. Whether you are struggling with never ending health challenges, an autoimmune disease, skin condition, weight gain, or mystery symptoms, this page is here to guide you.

Feel EMPOWERED to naturally tap into the healing power that resides within you!

WE HELP FAMILIES AND KIDS gain their strength, health and change their generations to come.

WE DO THIS by providing plant based information and the best quality products and programs.


Plant-Powered Family Holiday Recipes

Whether you’re a plant-based food ninja, trying to incorporate more plants into your life, or have a vegan showing up for your holiday meals, it always helps to have different options of recipes at your disposal.

90 Day Heal with Shelly Academy

Shelly's passion in life is to inspire families that healing is possible. Whether you are struggling with never ending health challenges, an autoimmune disease, skin condition, weight gain, or mystery symptoms, Shelly is here to guide you to naturally tap into the healing power that resides within each of us.

HEALING IS POSSIBLE. Shelly is here to show you the way. With the right love, guidance, support, and information, anything is possible!

As your holistic health coach, she will guide you down a beautiful healing journey, uncover the root cause of your symptoms, help you develop a deeper understanding of your body, help you build sustainable habits, and teach you how to finally begin the healing process for good.

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Did you Know that Hemp CBD usage is growing EXPONENTIALLY today?

The founders of Aloha Hemp, Clint and Shelly Johnson, have always lived a complete holistic, natural and organic lifestyle.  They have spent years educating, researching and sharing what they know, so that others can also live healthier.  In farming and producing their Aloha Hemp, their extremely high standards remain the same!  Click below to read more about the Aloha Hemp difference, the Mission, Vision and Founders of Aloha Hemp.

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21 Day Spring Clean Kickstart

Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes + Meal Plans + Shopping Lists Reboot your digestion, shed away toxic weight gain, and start feeling good in your body in just 21 days of plant-based nourishment!

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2 Day Smoothie and Juice Recharge

This recharge is designed to recharge and help replenish your digestion. Drinking nutrient dense whole foods in the raw liquid state, gives your body the opportunity to heal without distractions. During the recharge, be sure to drink plenty of fresh lemon or lime water, give your body as much rest as possible, and listen to what it is telling you. This recharge consists of a variety of superfoods that contain potent antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Lets nourish, heal, fuel, recharge, and sweep the intestinal track of toxins and debris. Drink additional smoothies or juices if you are still hungry throughout the day. Note: FRUIT HEALS AND NOURISHES

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"Most of you know that I eat a mostly plant based diet and have for almost 10 years. I truly believe that it is the reason I was able to overcome my struggles with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and be a functioning adult mom of 3 with ADHD. I truly believe that food can be a medicine to the body. I know some of you are curious about this lifestyle and would love to be educated and learn more. This decision could be life changing for you!! I realize that this lifestyle can be overwhelming to a beginner. My good friend and fellow health coach Shelly Johnson has teamed up with her mom to create a class to educate and inform you on the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. The both are true inspirations and have put together this program with every detail in mind. "

Haley Pedone
Mom of 3 & Holistic Health Coach

"Im now craving more water throughout the day. I would go all day on very little water & now I chug it!"

Tanya Pollock
Mother & Montessori School Teacher

"I feel great! Thanks for offering all of this great info. I love the recipes and encouragement!"

Gaylynn Knox
Employed Full Time

"My favorite part about the program was all the positive reinforcement and support I received from Shelly and Gail. I was originally apprehensive about how I would ever accomplish this lifestyle change. They made the leap seemless and gave plenty of food ideas and nutritional information! I felt like I was pretty healthy before, but the Leap for Wellness lifestyle decreased my bloating. Most importantly I don't feel the need for coffee every morning! I'm so grateful and inspired after this program."

Kelli Lanzi

"Hello all, my name is Bev and I would like to share my amazing transition, conversion to the plant based diet. Inspired by two beautiful, ladies, Gail and Shelly. I was living in the dark. In addition to clean eating I was also eating a lot of processed junk. I slept a lot and didn't feel good. My cholesterol level was high. I could easily eat a whole package of cookies, candy etc in one evening. Since I started my transition to a plant based diet, it wasn't long before I stopped having uncontrollable cravings for junk. This is a miracle. Never before in my adult life have I not had these cravings for raw cookie dough, pizza, donuts, candy and anything with heavily processed ingredients etc etc etc. My taste buds now so thoroughly enjoy the taste of real plant based food. My mood, sleep and eating patterns have all changed. My waistline smaller. I haven't done it perfectly, but have made a huge difference and feel like a new person. I will continue on this marvelous journey of eating real food from the good earth. Food that God created and intended for us to eat. Shelly and Gail called me early on in the program because I was having some challenges.I felt love and encouragement from them. Thank you Shelly and Gail for this wonderful gift of a life style change. Sincerely, Beverly "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food." Genesis 1:29 NIV"

Beverly Harrelson

"3 weeks ago (February 2018) I made a 360 degree change in my eating lifestyle! I can say that I'm vegan now! I never thought I was going to be able to do it! Almost 2 weeks ago I did the colon cleanse and it went so well, I have more energy, I'm determined that I want to be cleaner and healthier every day! It feels amazing to be 10lb lighter and just how I feel is incredible! I've known Shelly Johnson for about 3 years and she has been my inspiration. Also, it is scary to hear all the diseases going around. I want me and my family to be healthy! "

Norma Gomez


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